2019 Kids Across America Summer Sports Kamp

  • Kamp 3 (Ages 15-18)

KAA has been hosting a Christian Sports Camp in Branson Missouri for over 35 years. It will be a life-changing experience, empowering youth to become leaders who revolutionize the inner city. It will give your children to life-skills to take into High School, College, and Adult-hood. They will enjoy a 7-day Kamp which includes meals, accommodation and transportation for only $460!

*As of June 18, 2019, Connect youth will travel by airline to Springfield, Missouri and from the airport by 15-passenger van into KAA camp. This has added an additional $110 for a final cost $460. All applicants submitted their information by June 19, 2019. Registration for this event is now closed. Check back by November 2019 for more details about KAA 2020.