what's next

What’s NEXT? New Members Group

Sign up today at info@connectchurchatl.org or call 678-705-8121.  Sessions occur twice a month.


  • What Does It mean to Be A Christian?
  • What Does it Take to Get to Heaven?
  • Who is the Christian God?

How Does a Christian Grow?

  • Discipline of Bible Study
  • Discipline of Prayer
  • Discipline of Worship
  • Discipline of Giving & Stewardship
  • Discipline of Telling Others About God (Evangelism)

Become a C3 Christian

  • Connect to God
  • Connect to Each Other
  • Connect to Your Ministry

What is Connect Church?

  • We Preach the Truth (Bible)
  • We are a Ministry for the Entire Family
  • We are a Place for Restoration
  • We are Authentic
  • We are Accountable
  • We Strive for Excellence