Hello, Family,

The following are some resources and info to assist as many of you are home with your kids maybe wondering what to do in terms of schooling. 

Here are a few tips to help you get started with your at home learning plan:

  1. Create a schedule (children strive in an environment that has consistency and routine)
  2. Set up a work space for your child to work (free of distractions)
  3. Set clear expectations for what you want completed each day (decide what assignments should be completed each day)
  4. Make it fun! (Everything doesn’t have to be paper and pencil, learning can happen from everyday items in your house. Use beans, snacks, fruit, cereal, etc to change things up when learning math, reading, science, etc)
  5. Enjoy the time to learn together (For many of us we will be learning right alongside our children, take this time to enjoy the opportunity to teach and learn with your child.)
  6. Smile!! Stay encouraged parents, we are all in this together!

Remember each school district has provided resources to help you with engaging lessons for your children to complete.  If it has not already been sent out, it is coming.


TEXT “FINDFOOD” to 1-888-976-2232 to locate a food bank or food pantry near you.

Connect Atlanta Food Pantry

Dekalb County Schools Food Distribution for Students

Public Schools Resources

Dekalb Public Schools (2021)



Stimulus Package Info:

New Federal Tax Deadline July 15th:

Ga State Tax Deadline July 15th:–regional-govt–politics/georgia-like-feds-will-move-tax-day-from-april-july/jjYrFFntaF7l76zNWIGA0I/ 

Halting federal student loan payments and interest for 60 days:

US Federal Gov Unemployment:

Georgia News on Unemployment for Employers & Employees:

Georgia Unemployment Application:


Georgia Rental Assistance Program

Georgia Rental Assistance (2021)

Mortgage relief news:

No Atlanta Evictions for Next 60 Days:

Just Shelter: List of organizations working hard to preserve affordable housing and prevent eviction

List of Banks Offering to Help Customers:

Comcast: No disconnects. Free hotspots. Low-income households get 2 months free service

AT&T: No disconnects for 60 days, waiving late payment fees. Unlimited data

Verizon: No disconnects for 60 days, waiving late payment fees

Sprint: No disconnects for 60 days, waiving late payment fees. Unlimited data

T Mobile: No disconnects for 60 days, waiving late payment fees. Unlimited data

Georgia Power: No disconnects

Atlanta Watershed: Suspending all water shut offs during this time

Auto Insurance Companies: A lot of companies giving percentages off auto insurance during April and May


Guide to Coronavirus for Cancer Patients

Older adults with cancer and chronic illness have the highest risk for developing severe complications from COVID-19. Knowing how to prepare and protect yourself against the virus could make all the difference for you and your family.

Lung Cancer


The Giving Kitchen: For food service workers needing financial assistance

Creator FundFreelancers/Creators, get up to $500 to help with groceries, medical bills, housing, etc

Resources for Artists:


Old Fourth Distillerygiving away free hand sanitizer during their business hours. Bring your own container and make a donation

U-haul: 1 free month storage units for students needing to move asap


Scholastic: Free education for Pre K – grade 6+

Adobe Photoshop: Free for students until May

Adobe Creative Cloud: People with Adobe can get 2 months free

NASA Media Library:

Peloton Workout App: Free 90 day trial

Free books, movies, software, music, etc:

Free Ivy League courses:

Free Online Museum Tours:

Free National Park Tours:

No Entrance fees to National Parks:

NPR: Free virtual concerts

Paris Opera: Free live performances

Center of Puppetry Arts: Free tours and performances 

Might Could Studiomates: 1 month free trial

Download Free Coloring Books: