Connect Groups

At Connect Church, we are willing to do whatever it takes to bring people of ALL AGES in relationship with God. We do this through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and specialized programs.

Your relationship with God is the key to a successful life. Therefore, we creatively and innovatively share Jesus to our Community and to the world.

Experience Spiritual Growth 

Join us as we meet on Wednesdays, 7 pm – 8 pm at South DeKalb in the Mini Mall, 2853 Candler Rd, Decatur, GA 30034 to study Greg Laurie’s book Tell Someone.


This study helps group members identify people and places already in their daily routines, encouraging and empowering them to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Evangelism shouldn’t be an artificial religious sales pitch. We shouldn’t be afraid of burning bridges with people we know and love. Instead, we should build bridges with our stories to connect people to the heart of the Savior.


  • Look beyond the discomfort and see the joy of sharing your faith.
  • Develop confidence and joy in talking about Jesus.
  • Turn evangelism into something you want to do.
  • Learn more about what Scripture has to say about sharing your faith.
  • Explore the biblical basis for evangelism.
  • Understand the power of your testim