Reaching for Grace From a Dark Place

Author: Tez Andrews

Book Description

The book at hand deals with the subject of pain and people in painful situation. Barna research says, understanding a God of love with the existence of pain, evil and suffering is the most significant issue for both non-Christians and Christians. When one looks at pain from varying angles, it can appear unnecessary, undeserved, and unfair. We are left with questions; How could a loving and just God allow such agony in the world? Why do bad things happen to good people? This book will answer these questions. God is all-powerful, in control, and loving. Nevertheless, there is pain and injustice in the world. As a result, some choose to reject faith all together or waiver in their commitment to the Lord. All are faced with this dilemma. There are varying responses. This work will help you discover truths about the character of God. You will see the righteous response to pain from Bible poetry, the Bible stories of Joseph and Job, the prophetic literature of Habakkuk, and real-life stories. Each of these writings will help you understand a world that is ruled by God but contains pain, evil, and injustice. This book will equip you to endure painful challenges. In addition, it will strengthen you to overcome agonizing situations. Lastly, this book will increase your resolve to trust the almighty God. For God causes all things to work out for the best. My prayer is that you will receive the grace that you need for the most challenging moments of your life.


 Book objectives

  • Identify and wrestle with the mystery of what causes pain, evil, and injustice. Is it a loving God? Is it personal sin? Is it the result of bad choices? It is what it is?
  • Identify the major issues of pain, evil, and injustice in light of a Holy and loving God.
  • Identify how Bible poetry, Bible stories, Bible prophetic literature, and real-life stories can help us understand God.
  • Challenge people to respond to pain, evil and injustice with the grace-filled guidance of the Bible.
    • Respond with prayer
    • Respond with Trust in God’s overall plan
    • Respond with Patience
    • Respond with Worship of God
    • Respond with Faith that Good things will follow
    • Respond with Obedience to God’s Instructions
  • Usher rewards into your life from a grace-filled God that works all things out for the best.
    • Receive Resilience
    • Receive a Deeper Relationship with God
      (God knows, God is actively involved, God loves His children, and God is not recklessly tormenting people)
    • Receive Resolution to your pain.
      (God is just and we should anticipate complete justice and blessing in due season)


Book Divisions

Preface: States the scope of the work through a personal illustration and real life examples of pain and injustice. Where was God? What was God doing?

Introduction: Picture of pain, injustice, suicide, still born, abortion, mass shootings, genocide, human trafficking, innocent people exonerated, disproportion of wealth and opportunity, effects of American racism inequality and injustice, inner-city violence… Where is God? What is God doing? Does God really Care?

Section 1: What Causes Pain, Evil, and Injustice?

  1. Is it God?
  2. Is it the Devil?
  3. Is it Me?

Section 2: Is God Just? Is pain distributed equally?

4. Abraham’s Perspective
5. Israel’s Perspective
6. What would today’s people say?

  • Aborted Babies
  • Disenfranchised and Marginalized (the poor, Hispanics, Blacks)
  • Parents of Special Needs Children
  • Victims of Evil (Mass Shootings, serial killers, rapist, pedophiles)

Section 3: How does the Bible helps us Understand God when we face Agonizing Situations?

7. Psalmist Perspective – From Tears to Triumph
8. Psalmist Perspective – How to have an Argument with God
9. Joseph’s Perspective – How is God Using this
10. Job’s Perspective – What if God is not Blessing
11. Job’s Perspective – Be Careful when you in a Dark Place
12. Prophet Habakkuk’s Perspective – How Long? What?
13. Prophet Habakkuk’s Perspective – Did you Really Think God was Asleep?
14. Prophet Habakkuk’s Perspective – I Will Praise God Despite Difficulty

Section 4: What should be My Response to Pain, Evil, and Injustice?

15. Prayer (Not a Cliché, It’s Real) People say thoughts and prayers but don’t really pray
Worship (Trust & resolve is in your praise)
17. Trust in God’s overall Plan
18. Patience
19. Faith (Anticipate Resolution)
20. Obedience

Section 5: The Other-Side of the Dark Place

21. Receive Toughness
22. Receive Deeper Relationship with God

  • God Knows
  • God is Actively Involved
  • God Loves His Children
  • God is not recklessly tormenting people

23. There will be Complete Justice and Blessing in due season

  • Reward On This Side
  • Reward On the Other Side
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