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Minister Vicki Keyes
Minister Vicki Keyes

Vicki Keyes is a native Virginian by way of Ohio and Georgia. She is a graduate of Wright State University and has been educated in the sciences at Virginia Tech as well as in STEM training at Georgia Tech. She has been leadership trained at World Discipleship Association in Restorative Healing and Discipleship. She has also been trained in inner healing prayer at Legacy Equipping Center of Peachtree City. She has taught for 30 years, beginning with a highly favored and unusual position as an undergraduate TA at the University Level in Biology Lab.

As a spiritual mentor, intercessor and speaker, Vicki enjoys sharing the revelation and experiences she has learned in life to coach students in a creative and unique way, hers, including inspirational poetry, written expression and prophetic teaching. Her goal as a teacher is to help people move beyond their circumstances into a healthy physical, spiritual and relational place of total well-being and for those who desire it, discipleship in Christ.

In addition to these disciplines, Vicki and her husband, Pastor Rodney Keyes are co-founders and ministers of faith at Liberty in Life Ministries, a non-profit ministry which continues to help couples, families, men and women’s groups to move beyond issues into healthy living and maturity in Christ. Together, she and Rodney have been in Church,  community, educational and corporate leadership for well over 30 years.

She is blessed and honored to speak into your lives as you celebrate your uniqueness and move forward in the things you were created with a purpose to do!

First Lady Daphne Baxter5
First Lady Daphne Baxter

Daphne Baxter is a woman called and selected by God. The wife of Pastor David B. Baxter, Sr., founder of Equipped with The Spirit Ministries. Daphne has been living a committed life to the Lord Jesus Christ for greater than 30 years and has the awesome privilege and honor of evangelizing, preaching, and teaching God’s Word wherever God leads her.

She is busy attending various conferences and revivals advertised by diverse ministers of this great gospel throughout Georgia and South Carolina. Lady Baxter is anointed, faithful, and obedient to her call to Jesus Christ and will accept the assignments that HE has called her to do in the earth while she demonstrates the contents by which she is labeled. Possessing the fruits of the spirit whereby all may inquire of her Lord but is not for sale, nor is a respecter of persons when it comes to delivering the Word of God. She values her call and election and therefore, will not compromise GOD’s truth.

In her private time, Daphne works full-time, where she has been in the same role for greater than sixteen years. She is the gleeful mother of one child (Joshua). And finally, in her spare time she enjoys reading, family, and godly friendships.

Ephesians 1 vs. 11 In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of HIM who worketh ALL things after the counsel of HIS own will.

Minister Salter 5
Minister Lela Salter

Minister Lela Salter is a native of Providence, Rhode Island. As a young adult, she served with outstanding leadership as a Medical Specialist in the U.S. Army in Fort Knox, Kentucky. As an advocate for education, she spent most of her career in Orlando, Florida.  Partner facilitating learning in the classrooms and serving in the Prison Ministry as a tutor for students of all ages. She also worked in Nursing for the VA Clinic and partnered with the University of Central Florida in the Soldiers to Scholars Program. In 2014 she received a Bachelor of Science in Religion from Liberty University with a goal of completing her master’s degree in Religion summer 2020; she has taught for over 27 years.

During this time, she raised her children and grandchildren in the way of the Lord. While teaching them about God, she was given opportunities to serve in the church as well as prayer warrior and speakers.  During these years she discovered her calling as being a family first ministry through parenting approach to God’s Word. In addition, she shares the gospel of Jesus Christ “Standing on His Word” over the airways in Tallahassee, Florida, Talk Radio Program on WTAL 1450 AM.
She is excited to share her testimony and encourage other women to walk in the purpose.