in Christ.

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Quotes from Connect Young Adults

“You can’t love the world and love God too! Serving both won’t get you through! At some point you have to choose! The decision has always been up to you! No more in between! Time to give God your everything! Follow Him and you will see! That He has always been all you need!!!” – Jasmine D.,  Speaker, Vocalist, Worship Leader, Service Director & Young Adult

This life is temporal, are you in right standing with the Lord Jesus Christ? (And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment. Hebrews 9:27)  – Brittany J., HighHeelsAndHighStandards, Connect Sports Cheer Commissioner 2016, Young Adult National Speaker

Most false teaching comes by way of faulty living. We are not called to just be great illustrators of Gods Word but to be fervent demonstrators of it. Let our lives be so filled with the Spirit in every aspect that our preaching/teaching is merely the residue of our living. – Nick, Young Adult

It’s far more important to ‪#KnowCHRIST‬ than to #‎knowthyself‬.

Who better to reveal to you who you really are than the Creator. History is beautiful and ugly for every culture. All have fallen short of GOD’S glory. Knowing my history and genealogy does not get me closer to GOD, at best it shows my need for HIM because every nation has sinned against GOD. Knowing CHRIST is our only way to know GOD and consequently ourselves. – Chris Elijah, MinisterRapper for Christ, Educator,  2016 Connect Sports League Director, Young Adult

Fall Festival 2016
Fall Festival 2016
Young Adults Rock Climbing Outing, Summit
Fall Festival 2016

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