Core Values

We Preach The Truth (Bible)

Ministering truth is what we do best. We strive to teach you the truth! Connect Church has the best teaching in Atlanta. If you want to know the truth you must experience the sound teaching at any of our Weekly Services.

We Are A Ministry For The Entire Family

Ministering to families is what we do best. We have a fraternity of men that is making boys into dynamic men of God that lead in the family and in the community. We have a circle of women that motivate each other toward personal wellness and Spiritual Growth. We have a Children and Youth Ministries that are fun, exciting, educational, and bringing them into growing relationships with Christ. We provide dynamic ministry to every member of the family.

We Are A Place For Restoration

Ministering to Crisis is what we do best. Everyone experiences painful situations from addictions, divorce, adultery, etc… Our Connections groups will be a refuge in your crisis. You can find support from others who have been there. We also provide 2 free counseling sessions from licensed and professional Christian Counselors.

We Are Authentic

Authenticity – We are Real! We are tired of seeing so many ministries fail because of Counterfeit Christians. We are not perfect! However, we are believers that will be honest about our flaws and shortcomings. We will be a place where you will find acceptance, love, and support to guide you toward consistent Christian Life.

We Are Accountable

We are Accountable! You should be accountable! Many churches have failed in their financial practices, dealings with women, dealings with children, and other moral practices. We will be accountable to the highest degree. – No leader is allowed to counsel someone of the opposite sex in a private setting without windows. – Any counseling sessions must be known by at least 1 other ministry leader in the church – 2 adults are always required to be with Children (In emergency situation you can call an adult on speaker phone if adult is not available).

We Strive For Excellence

We are not perfect but we’re working on it. We are always striving to give God our best in everything. We strive to have the best technology, brilliant graphics, well-prepared worship, preaching, events, and doing everything in an excellent way.

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