Equipping the Ministry: Giving & Benevolence

What’s the difference between tithing and offerings?

A tithe is an amount (a percentage of your income) and an offering is anything given beyond that, but not in place of the tithe.

After you’ve tithed, you can give in other ways: Giving a cash offering to your church above and beyond the tithe, giving money to a charity you support, giving to a friend or neighbor in need, or giving of your time or talents. Not only does giving of your money or other resources generate good in the lives of others, it also generates contentment in your heart.

Tithes and Offering: A tithe is the first tenth of your income. Offering is above and beyond that. Simply put, the tithe is the first 10% of your income that should be given to your local church. It’s strictly measured in money, so you can’t replace it with giving your time or your talents. These funds given will cover the budget set forth and approved by the congregation of Connect Church.

Benevolence: These funds will be used to help those of the Church and surrounding community in need financially, as well as provide financial resources for Connect to offer a food pantry and clothing closet.

Building Projects: The church will have on-going projects that will need additional funding not set forth by the operating budget. Please fast and pray for this one!!! We have been leasing properties for the past 10 years. There is freedom but much more responsibility when you become a property owner. Please continue to donate to the Connect I’m In campaign at www.connectimin.com. We are focused on the Connect I’m In Campaign to solidify a permanent place to serve the community. When it’s time to purchase 3532 Covington Highway, Decatur, GA – we want to be ready with a $100,000 down payment!

Please go to the I’m in site and pledge any amount. You can setup also setup a recurring donation to ensure you meet your commitment Thank you for your eternal investment. Thank you for your prayers and support. Donate Now!

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