Connect Sports atl was awarded a $15,000.00 Grant opportunity in December 2023. We have 30 days to claim our $15,000. Feb 19- March19, 2024. We Need YOUR Help!

All you have to do is submit opinions on companies and products that you use. Please submit 75 opinions Over the next 30 days. That is only 4-10 post per day. Lastly, Please share this page with 50 friends to help us reach our goal.

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One last thing – when you join a HundredX Causes program, your personal information is not sold or shared. During the 30-day campaign, you will receive reminders from HundredX to submit feedback, which is why you submit your contact information.

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•Promote Health & Wellness through Sports & Recreation Training (basketball, cheerleading, baseball, soccer, etc)
•Promote Food Security for Children & Families by providing a community food pantry
•Advocate for the Prisoner (Serve at-risk youth)
•Combat Intense Poverty with Youth Development & Leadership Programs
•Provide employment, Life skill education & life-time mentoring
•Provide Menta lHealth Resources & Crisis Counseling

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