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Connect Church ATL (NEW LOCATION!)

At Connect Church, we are willing to do whatever it takes to bring people of ALL AGES in relationship with God. We do this through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and specialized programs. Your relationship with God is the key to a successful life. Therefore, we creatively and innovatively share Jesus to our Community and to the world.

Spiritual Workout Plan

Wednesday Connect Groups On-Line

Experience Spiritual Growth                                                                 Join us as we meet online (JOIN A CONNECT GROUP TODAY text Group1 (Tuesdays 7pm), text GROUP2 (Wednesdays 7:45 pm), or text GROUP# (Thursdays 7pm) to 678-705-8121) to study a step-by-step signature model for self-study: Observation, Interpretation, Application. Your experience in Scripture will never be the same. And your life will be transformed […]